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quick list the size of a dir tree and contained files in mbytes

with a free open source command line tool for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi.
- download the free Swiss File Knife Base from Sourceforge.
- open the Windows CMD command line, Mac OS X Terminal or Linux shell.
- OS X : type mv sfk-mac-64.exe sfk and chmod +x sfk then ./sfk
- Linux: type mv sfk-linux-64.exe sfk    and chmod +x sfk then ./sfk
  OS X and Linux syntax may differ, check the help within the tool.
sfk treesize [-minsize=n] dir [-i]
sfk stat [mb] dir

show directory tree size statistics in mbytes.
hidden and system files are included by default,
to make sure the real size usage is always shown.

   -minsize=n   list only dirs and files with a size larger
                or equal to this, e.g. 100 = 100 bytes,
                10k = 10 kbytes, 10m = 10 megabytes.
   -i           read list of directories from stdin.
   -nohidden    exclude hidden and system files.
   -nosum       print no summary at end of listing.
   -sum         print only the summary.
   -gb[ytes]    list all sizes in gigabytes.
   -kb[ytes]    list all sizes in kilobytes.
   -bytes       list all sizes in bytes.
   -flat        show the no. of files and bytes per folder
                without its subfolders (do not accumulate).
   -flist x     read a list of filenames from file x

   sfk stat10       does the same as sfk stat -minsize=10m
   sfk treesize100  does the same as sfk stat -minsize=100m

   this command cannot summarize zip file contents.

web reference

   sfk stat . -minsize=10m
       list sizes of all directories below the current one
       having a size of at least 10 mbytes.

   sfk stat50 docs
       list all directories and single files under the docs
       directory tree having a size of >= 50 mbytes.

   type dirlist.txt | sfk stat -quiet -i
       list sizes of dirs listed in dirlist.txt
example with output:

   sfk stat -minsize=5 mozilla

     -> lists size stat for directory mozilla.
     -> within this dir, lists only objects >= 5 mbytes,
        providing a quick info about the largest things.


       7 mb,  1456 files,  mozilla\browser
      10 mb,  2234 files,  mozilla\content
       6 mb,   195 files,  mozilla\db
      11 mb,  2182 files,    mozilla\dom\tests\mochitest
      11 mb,  2224 files,   mozilla\dom\tests
      13 mb,  2980 files,  mozilla\dom
       5 mb,  1418 files,  mozilla\embedding
      15 mb,  3880 files,  mozilla\extensions
       7 mb,   713 files,  mozilla\gfx
       8 mb,   865 files,   mozilla\intl\uconv
      10 mb,  1375 files,  mozilla\intl
       7 mb,   657 files,   mozilla\js\src
       7 mb,   705 files,  mozilla\js
       6 mb,  2834 files,    mozilla\layout\html\tests
       6 mb,  2838 files,   mozilla\layout\html
      21 mb,  7636 files,  mozilla\layout
       7 mb,   396 files,     mozilla\modules\libpr0n\test\reftest
       7 mb,   425 files,    mozilla\modules\libpr0n\test
       8 mb,   602 files,   mozilla\modules\libpr0n
      18 mb,  2664 files,  mozilla\modules
       5 mb,   977 files,  mozilla\netwerk
       5 mb,   642 files,   mozilla\nsprpub\pr
       6 mb,   877 files,  mozilla\nsprpub
       5 mb,    60 files,    mozilla\plugin\oji\JEP
       7 mb,   306 files,   mozilla\plugin\oji
       7 mb,   311 files,  mozilla\plugin
      19 mb,  1189 files,    mozilla\security\nss\lib
      25 mb,  2735 files,   mozilla\security\nss
      28 mb,  3282 files,  mozilla\security
       5 mb,  1254 files,   mozilla\toolkit\components
      14 mb,  3843 files,  mozilla\toolkit
       7 mb,  1159 files,  mozilla\xpcom
     228 mb, 40864 files, mozilla
     228 mb, 40864 files, 5280 dirs, 228130292 bytes.

save typing by aliases:

   if you often use a command like "sfk stat -minsize=5 ...",
   you may create an sfk alias, for example:

      sfk alias stat sfk stat -minsize=%1

   the above command creates a batch file "stat.bat" in your path.
   further parameters passed to this batch are appended automatically.
   now, to do the same as in the mozilla example above, just type

      stat 5 mozilla

sfk is a free open-source tool, running instantly without installation efforts. no DLL's,
no registry changes - just get sfk.exe from the zip package and use it (binaries for
windows, linux and mac are included).

read more about all sfk functions here.

Download the free Depeche View Lite Text Search Tool