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Supersonic Text File Search - Free Download

Java code example for sending UDP network text.

Send plain or colored UDP network text, then receive and view it instantly with a Freeware tool for Windows and Linux/Mac.

   Example how to send UDP text in Java.
   See also: sfk netlog.

   -  copy this to a file
   -  javac
   -  run: dview -net
      under Linux/Mac: wine dview.exe -net -linux &
   -  java netlog


public class netlog
   public static DatagramSocket clSocket = null;
   public static InetAddress clAddress = null;
   public static int iClPort = -1;
   static int iClRequest = 1;

   public static void init(String sHost, int iPort) throws Throwable
      clAddress = InetAddress.getByName(sHost);
      iClPort = iPort;
      clSocket = new DatagramSocket();

   public static void log(String sTextIn) throws Throwable
      String sText   = sTextIn+"\n";

      // change all [red] to compact color codes \x1Fr
      byte[] abData1 = sText.getBytes();
      int    iSize1  = abData1.length;
      byte[] abData2 = new byte[iSize1+100];

      // keep 100 bytes space for header
      int i2=100;
      for (int i1=0; i1<iSize1;)
         if (abData1[i1]=='[') {
            if (i1>=iSize1)
            abData2[i2++] = (byte)0x1F;
            abData2[i2++] = abData1[i1++];
            while (i1<iSize1 && abData1[i1]!=']')
            if (i1<iSize1)
         } else {
            abData2[i2++] = abData1[i1++];
      int iTextSize = i2-100;

      // add sfktxt header before text
      String sHead = ":sfktxt:v100,req"+iClRequest+",cs1\n\n";
      byte abHead[] = sHead.getBytes();
      int iHeadLen  = abHead.length;
      for (int i=0; i<iHeadLen; i++)
         abData2[100-iHeadLen+i] = abHead[i];
      int iStartOff = 100-iHeadLen;
      int iFullSize = iHeadLen+iTextSize;

      DatagramPacket packet = new DatagramPacket(abData2,
         iStartOff, iFullSize, clAddress, iClPort);


   public static void main(String args[]) throws Throwable
      netlog.init("localhost", 21323);

      netlog.log("[Red]Foo[def] and [Blue]bar[def] went "
                +"to the [Green]zoo[def].");