Depeche View loads all CSV (comma or TAB separated) data files from a folder, showing all text data within a single window. The tool allows instant search and filtering of the data without the need to load it in a spreadsheet application.

Viewing a CSV database of ZIP codes

Example: viewing a CSV database of ZIP codes in Depeche View.        

In the above example, a comma separated text was loaded, containing ZIP codes of the United States. To display the data in a more readable form, press CONTROL+SHIFT+TAB once to activate large (20 column) TAB positions:

Large TABs activated

Now everything is better readable. To search for a city name, or a zip code, just type it. For example, type "los angeles":

Searching a city in CSV data

and instantly you land within the first lines containing the phrase.
If you click on the big "F" button, like "Filter":

Filtering for result lines

then only the result lines are shown. If you right-click on the filter button, you may also activate "Autofilter" mode, in which the results are always filtered whenever you type a word.

Read more about Depeche View here.

If you need to preprocess CSV data, for example to convert comma separated format into a TAB separated format, then try the Swiss File Knife filter command. For example, type on the command line:

sfk filter zipcode.csv -srep "_\q,\q_\t_" -srep "_\q__" +tofile zipcode2.csv

to convert zipcode.csv (comma separated with quotation marks) into a file zipcode2.csv (TAB separated, without quotation marks).