StahlWorks Technologies

Created and owned by Juergen Thumm, experienced software developer, StahlWorks Technologies provides revolutionary non-standard tool solutions to improve the everyday computer based working process, for anyone doing serious work with his PC or Notebook.

During more than a decade of projects across many Windows and Linux systems, it turned out that on every new machine, basic functionality like easy file search, file transfer, efficient folder content listing or text conversion are far too complicated to configure or to use, or not present at all. That's why the Swiss File Knife was created, providing a hundred most needed functions across all systems, on the command line for easy automation.

And furthermore, it became clear that no program on earth provided a quick, simple way to view, search and edit huge amounts of text. Today's Integrated Development Environments are software dinosaurs with thousands of functions, but the most basic tasks, like displaying the same text file in two windows side by side, are often not possible. And that's where Depeche View provides a clean, new way to the most important thing - the text, which is the foundation for many things like program source code, batch files, database exports, configuration files, log outputs and documentation.

StahlWorks Technologies, a small but independent enterprise located in the south west of Germany, focuses on these two essential products.

Juergen Thumm,
CEO StahlWorks Technologies

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