How to send files to another computer in the LAN - Noob vs. Pro

AI Noob Answer:

"use the built-in file sharing features of your system to share a folder on your computer, then access that folder from another computer on the same network. ... takes too long, too much clicking around.

You can use an FTP client (such as FileZilla) to connect to another computer on your LAN and transfer files. ... yes, but it takes an hour to install a full FTP server on the other computer.

Is that helpful? Not really.

It's as inefficient as: "Build a robot and train his AI to read the file contents on screen, store it in his memory, walk to the other computer, and type it into new files. Should only take five years."


Pro Answer:

Forget the above junk, download the free open source SFK for any system and type:

On receiver side:

sfk sftserv -rw

On sender side:

sfk select mydir +sft ip cput

Done. Example output:

< mydir\foo.txt sent
< mydir\bar.txt sent
< mydir\hoo.txt sent

Read more details here.

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