Depeche View Realtime Source Research

loads all source code files from a folder, showing all content in one window. It is used to browse, search and edit huge amounts of source code, log files, documentation or CSV data at high speed with the smallest possible effort. It was developed to analyze industrial C++ automotive projects with 50,000 files and more, but can be used with any programming language (Java, PHP etc.) to find bugs faster than with any IDE.

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                  Watch the video: Flying over 300,000 files in one window.

  • fast source code browser for Windows (7 to 10).
  • loads all text files from a folder, showing all content in one window as one large text.
  • fly over everything just by dragging your mouse.
  • deluxe soft scrolling by the mouse wheel.
  • search, analyze and edit thousands of source files
    as you type and click.

    Current Version: 1.7.4     (recent changes)
    Depeche View Lite is Freeware

    and can search up to 100 files, or 30 MB of text data.
    It is fully portable, requiring no installation.

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    Depeche View Professional

    can load any number of text files, allows instant text editing, user scripts on hotkeys, .zip file content loading and costs EUR 39.95.

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All In One Window: The Total Text Perspective.

Depeche View is the world's only application that shows thousands of text files in a single window, allowing a realtime flight over huge amounts of text.

Classical Text Editor or IDE

  • One tab per text file.
  • Surfing over a thousand files not possible.
Depeche View

  • All in one view, no tabs needed.
  • Just click into the text, then drag the mouse to fly over everything.

All In One Window, Three Times Side By Side.

Depeche View does not only show everything in one window, it can also provide multiple points of view to the same global text perspective, in multiple windows.

And that's what you need everyday: read two parts of text side by side, no matter if it's in the same file, or in two separate files - to track dependencies between text, or to quickly copy and modify text parts between files.

Forget about dragging window borders. Depeche View comes with a fixed window layout. New windows are created by a click on the create view button, and are arranged instantly side by side, as shown above - because that's what everyone needs, everyday.

One Click Horizontal Tiling. Click or press F2 to toggle horizontal tiling:

Again, no dragging of window borders. Depeche View does what you need, instantly.


Find As You Type.

Why open a dialogue, then type something, then press ENTER for every searched word? What a waste of time! Depeche View finds everything instantly as you type.

Type a word into the FIND mask at the screen bottom.

As soon as you stop typing, you get the list of results, no matter in what text file.

Clicking into one of the result lines jumps to that text location.

Press INSERT to clear the FIND mask, then type the next word to search.

Find As You Click.

If you want to search a word which is displayed already on screen, most text editors offer to select this by a double click, and then search it by some hot key. This is a two step operation that actually requires three input events. Repeated a hundred times a day, it's another waste of time.

With Depeche View, a single SHIFT+click on a word searches it instantly, across all files, either in the current window, or in a second window (by SHIFT+right click). This allows realtime jumping through huge amounts of text, searching many different words in the shortest possible time.


Filter Text In Realtime.

With Depeche View, you can list all search results instantly, across all loaded text files. To do so,

press the Filter Button, or press CONTROL+A like "All Results".

Instantly, you get All Results In One View, also called a Filtered View over all text files.

You see both the names of files where the word was found, as well as the actual text lines with the word.

To jump to any of these locations, simply click into a result line. The Filtered View is closed, and you land instantly at the selected text location.

One Click Copy, Bookmark, or Edit.

Fast text research requires elimination of two-step operations. In Depeche View, words or phrases can be copied to the clipboard instantly by a single click, while keeping the CONTROL key pressed.

As soon as the CONTROL key is released, the phrase is copied. The same applies to bookmarking: keep ALT pressed, click on a word, done.

And whereever you are, text can be edited with a double click (default with active assistance mode), or even just a single click (one click edit for advanced users).


One Click Interface Revolution.

Depeche View is proud to break with slow, cumbersome standards used by classical text editors, Notepad/Word, or Intergrated Development Environments. Instead, it comes with a unique one-click user interface, optimized for one thing only - speed, speed, and nothing but speed.

Of course, this requires a short training. You have to remember three keys:

  • SHIFT key together with a mouse button Searches Text.
    Remember that both SHIFT and Search start with "S".
  • CONTROL key together with a mouse button Copies Text.
    Remember that both CONTROL and Copy start with "C".
  • ALT key together with a mouse button Adds Another Bookmark.

And unlike any editor, Depeche View actually uses all three mouse buttons:

  • LEFT MOUSE BUTTON searches or copies in the current view.
  • RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON searches in a different view at the right side.
  • MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON searches in a different view at the left side.

Furthermore, to fly over a thousand text files, just keep the left mouse button pressed, then drag your mouse vertically. This is the way smartphones and touch pads do it nowadays, and it's the way Depeche View did it always.


Much More Than A Search Tool.

Further Depeche View Pro features:

  • Instant Syntax Highlighting for C++, Java, HTML and PHP files.
  • Extend Syntax Highlighting by further languages through a configuration file.
  • On the fly Text Editing.
  • Search Term Auto Suggest. The tool creates a dictionary of all words (with five characters or more) on the fly, and as you type, words are suggested for searching.
  • Up to nine sets of bookmarks.
  • Directly load, view and search contents of .zip, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 files. Great for software developers who need to search in many Open Source projects for some technical solution.
  • Highlight words and phrases in different colors.
  • Extended search expressions: search words at line start, line end, full words.
  • Search expressions to search TAB separated database exports, like "search in the 3rd column only".
  • User script commands on self defined hot keys. Run self-defined search expressions on words, call external programs, and display text result files written by external programs.
  • User scripts on extended mouse buttons, including nine extended buttons of a Razer Naga mouse.

Especially the scripting features allow software developers to replace their IDE by calling command line compilers and monitoring their text outputs. (For details, create a config file in Depeche View, then search for the "runback" and "monitor" commands.)


EUR 39.95

Depeche View
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Runs on:
Windows 10
Windows 7/8
supporting 32 and
64 bit Windows.


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