Search Words In Text Files Just By Clicking On Them.

Depeche View loads all text files from a folder, showing them all in a single window, as if they are one huge text.

And whenever you see a word on screen that you would like to search everywhere, you may:

  • Search In Same Window:
    press the SHIFT key, then left-click on a word (with the left mouse button). The word will be searched instantly across all files, with the results shown in the current window.
  • Search Into A Different Window:
    press the SHIFT key, then right click on a word, and it will be searched in another window, usually the second window to the right side.
  • Search Into A Window To The Left:
    if you have two or more windows open, you may also press the SHIFT key, then middle click on a word (with the middle mouse button). This will search the word in a window leftside to your current window.

Example  right click in left window sent a search
Example  right click in left window sent a search

This unique principle of Depeche View allows you to jump between two or three windows on the fly, sending searches here and there wherever you need them.

It allows Programmers to analyze and track dependencies in large software projects quickly and easily, by jumping from one point within code to another, by a single mouse click.

It allows, for example, to research CSV database exports by clicking into a data value, showing instantly where that value appears elsewhere, much faster than with any spreadsheet software.