Depeche View Pro 1.7.5

Realtime Text Research For Professionals.

    Lite   Pro  
 Maximum loadable files 100 unlimited
 Maximum loadable text data 30 MB 2000 MB(1)
 Realtime full text search yes yes
 Create filtered views yes yes
 Highlight words and phrases yes yes
 Windows Explorer integration yes yes
 Drag+drop folders from Explorer yes yes
 Max. side by side windows 3 unlimited
 Create bookmarks 1 set 9 sets
 Instant editing by integrated text editor yes yes
 User script commands on hot keys limited yes
 Reload changed files single all
 User scripts on extended mouse buttons - yes
 Call external text editor - yes
 Open file in external program - yes
 Extendable syntax highlighting - yes
 Load text from clipboard - yes
 Touch screen support - yes
 Create scratch file from clipboard text - yes
 Load .zip, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 contents - yes(2)
 Searchable TAB separated columns - yes
 Find auto suggest by Enter key - yes
 Installer provided - yes
 Installer requires admin rights - no
 Portable installation to USB stick is portable yes
 Price and licensing free EUR 39.95
Please note:

(1) The total amount of loadable text files depends
  • on the available memory: In general, a machine with 8 GBytes of memory is able to load 2 gigabytes of text without swapping.
  • on a technical limit: Depeche View is a 32-bit executable, therefore even under Windows 10 with 64 bits, with 8 GB of RAM, the amount of loaded text - as displayed while loading - should not exceed 2 GB (or 2.5 GB of allocated memory as shown in the Windows Task Manager). This is usually sufficient for 300,000 small text files, like source code.
(2) The .zip, .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 files must fit completely into memory to allow loading. Archive files beyond 1.5 GB of size may not work.

Try Depeche View Lite before you buy.

  Office loading, plain text editing, fonts and usability - all can be tested intensely with the Freeware version of Depeche View, available for download here.

No admin rights required.

  Depeche View Pro comes with a special No Admin Installer, allowing installation on every machine, even without admin rights. By default, Depeche View does not install to a path within C:\Program Files (which would require admin rights) but suggests a path C:\app\dview.

Optional admin installation to Microsoft standard location.

  For company admins, there is also an option to install Depeche View Pro to the Microsoft standard location C:\Program Files (x86). This option requires admin rights. Under Windows 7/8, the installer will require two additional clicks. Installing as admin ist just an option, but not required for companies.

Portable Installation to USB stick.

  The Depeche View Pro installer contains an option to install Depeche View to a portable USB stick. You may then insert that stick into any Windows machine and run Depeche View directly from that stick. The portable binary cannot be used under Linux/WINE.
Also see the installer screenshots below.

Broad licensing terms.

  • Single User License:

    The license owner is allowed to install Depeche View Professional permanently on up to five machines.

    Furthermore, the license owner is allowed to install Depeche View Professional on up to three USB sticks simultaneously, and to use the program from these sticks on any machine where needed.

    In other words, you may install Depeche View Pro on your work PC, home PC, on your Notebooks at work and home. And you may use it from USB stick on a colleague's PC to help in researching something quickly.

  • Multi User Block License:

    For every participant (employee) of the block license, the license owner (company) is allowed to install Depeche View Professional permanently on up to three machines used regularly by that participant. This means Depeche View Professional is allowed to be installed permanently on up to three times the machines as number of licenses purchased, provided that those machines are used regularly by any of the license participants.

    Furthermore, the license owner (company) is allowed to install Depeche View Professional on a maximum of two USB sticks per license participant (employee), i.e. in total a simultaneous maximum of two times the number of licenses purchased, allowing the program to be used only by the license participants (employees) from those sticks on any machine where needed.

    In other words, a company simply has to buy as many licenses as persons that will be using the program. But the program can be installed on more machines than there are license participants, up to a limit, provided that those machines are actually used by the license participants.

Easy deployment.

  • No Serial Number Typing.

    The Depeche View Pro Installer already contains the license ID. You simply make a few clicks to install as shown below.

    Company admins run the installer the same way on every target machine. The installer supports a command line option -silent to install instantly without any dialogues (Search "silent installation" in the help text for details). All license participants use the same license ID.

  • No technical enforcements.

    The license owner (company admin) himself should keep track of the total number of installations and users. Depeche View Professional contains no automatic checking, especially no dongles, no network messages, no license server or live activation.

One year of free upgrades.

  If a new version of Depeche View is released within one year after your purchase, you can download that one as well, for free.

Discount upgrades after one year.

  Existing customers who want the latest features can get an upgrade for the halve price. For single user licenses just login to your download account to find the upgrade option. Block license customers may contact

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Please note:

  Directly after purchase, you get a confirmation page in your browser,
with all relevant download infos. Write these infos down immediately!

The ordering system also sends you an email with the same informations.
However some customers reported that this mail did not arrive, possibly
due to spam filter settings on some servers.

On any problems while ordering, please email to:

If there is no reply within three business days, it may have been blocked by your EMail provider,
so please retry again from a different mail account.

Ask our sales department: if you prefer payment by wire transfer to our German bank account,
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No matter if you need 1 license or 127, we will be happy to reply with a price quote.
Please note that payments by wire transfer will take 2-3 business days for processing.
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