PHP Files Editor with High Speed Search: Depeche View for Windows 7-11.

Depeche View allows high speed viewing, searching and editing of PHP source code in web projects.

It loads all source files from a folder, showing them all in a single window, as if they were one large SuperText.

Words are searched as you type, without the need to fill in any dialogues. Furthermore, words can be searched by simply clicking on them.

Searches can be done in the current window, or - by a single right mouse click - in another window in parallel.

This radical and simple usage concept allows high speed search and analysis within thousands of PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS source code files, tracking dependencies faster than with any other editor.

Depeche View Pro comes with built-in syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS code. The highlighting can be adapted or extended through a configuration file with straightforward syntax. See an example here.

Browsing a mixture of HTML and PHP files in two windows.
Browsing a mixture of HTML and PHP files in two windows.
A single right click on "getMsg" searched the word
instantly in the right window, across all files.