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convert text file line endings between Windows CR/LF and Linux/Mac OS X format

with a free open source command line tool for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi.
- download the free Swiss File Knife Base from Sourceforge.
- open the Windows CMD command line, Mac OS X Terminal or Linux shell.
- OS X : type mv sfk-mac-64.exe sfk and chmod +x sfk then ./sfk
- Linux: type mv sfk-linux-64.exe sfk    and chmod +x sfk then ./sfk
  OS X and Linux syntax may differ, check the help within the tool.
SFK The Book - New Command Line Horizons.
command line examples with sfk:

sfk remcr mybatch

converts the single file mybatch

sfk remcr . .txt

converts all .txt files in the current directory
AND in all subdirectories.

sfk remcr -dir FooBank -file .hpp

converts all .hpp files in the directory tree FooBank.

sfk addcr -dir . -file .txt -norec

changes LF endings into CR/LF for Windows,
on all .txt files of the current directory,
but NOT within subdirectories (no recursion).
to find out if a file contains LF or CRLF line endings, you may use the command:
sfk hexdump -showle testfile.txt

example output:

testfile.txt :
 >6C697374 206F6620 66696C65 7320636F< list of files co 00000000
 >6E746169 6E696E67 20746162 733A0D0A< ntaining tabs:.. 00000010
 >74657374 66696C65 735C466F 726D6174< testfiles\Format 00000020
 >735C3031 2D6E6174 6976652D 7461622D< s\01-native-tab- 00000030
 >63726C66 2E747874 0D0A7465 73746669< crlf.txt..testfi 00000040
 >6C65735C 466F726D 6174735C 30322D63< les\Formats\02-c 00000050
 >726C662E 7478740D 0A746573 7466696C< rlf.txt..testfil 00000060
 >65735C46 6F726D61 74735C30 332D6E61< es\Formats\03-na 00000070
 >74697665 2D746162 2D6C662E 7478740D< tive-tab-lf.txt. 00000080
 >0A746573 7466696C 65735C46 6F726D61< .testfiles\Forma 00000090
 >74735C30 342D6C66 2E747874 0D0A7465< ts\04-lf.txt..te 000000a0
 >73746669 6C65735C 466F726D 6174735C< stfiles\Formats\ 000000b0
 >30382D68 6561642D 7461696C 2E747874< 08-head-tail.txt 000000c0
 >0D0A7465 73746669 6C65735C 466F726D< ..testfiles\Form 000000d0
 >6174735C 32302D74 61622D64 6174612D< ats\20-tab-data- 000000e0
 >6C696E65 2E747874 0D0A3620 66696C65< line.txt..6 file 000000f0
 >73206F66 20333220 636F6E74 61696E20< s of 32 contain  00000100
 >74616273 2E0D0A<                     tabs...          00000110

   in this example, we see that the file contains CR/LF line endings (or 0x0D0A),
   i.e. it has DOS/windows format. to convert it into a linux-compliant format,
   we run the command
sfk remcr testfile.txt
   afterwards, the same hexdump command produces this:
testfile.txt :
 >6C697374 206F6620 66696C65 7320636F< list of files co 00000000
 >6E746169 6E696E67 20746162 733A0A74< ntaining tabs:.t 00000010
 >65737466 696C6573 5C466F72 6D617473< estfiles\Formats 00000020
 >5C30312D 6E617469 76652D74 61622D63< \01-native-tab-c 00000030
 >726C662E 7478740A 74657374 66696C65< rlf.txt.testfile 00000040
 >735C466F 726D6174 735C3032 2D63726C< s\Formats\02-crl 00000050
 >662E7478 740A7465 73746669 6C65735C< f.txt.testfiles\ 00000060
 >466F726D 6174735C 30332D6E 61746976< Formats\03-nativ 00000070
 >652D7461 622D6C66 2E747874 0A746573< e-tab-lf.txt.tes 00000080
 >7466696C 65735C46 6F726D61 74735C30< tfiles\Formats\0 00000090
 >342D6C66 2E747874 0A746573 7466696C< 4-lf.txt.testfil 000000a0
 >65735C46 6F726D61 74735C30 382D6865< es\Formats\08-he 000000b0
 >61642D74 61696C2E 7478740A 74657374< ad-tail.txt.test 000000c0
 >66696C65 735C466F 726D6174 735C3230< files\Formats\20 000000d0
 >2D746162 2D646174 612D6C69 6E652E74< -tab-data-line.t 000000e0
 >78740A36 2066696C 6573206F 66203332< xt.6 files of 32 000000f0
 >20636F6E 7461696E 20746162 732E0A<    contain tabs..  00000100

sfk is a free open-source tool, running instantly without installation efforts. no DLL's,
no registry changes - just get sfk.exe from the zip package and use it (binaries for
windows, linux and mac are included).

read more about all sfk functions here.

Download the free Depeche View Lite Text Search Tool