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Swiss File Knife

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Supersonic Text File Search - Free Download

How to find text in a file of thousands, with only two or three windows open
by using Depeche View, the realtime text search and analysis tool. As you may have noticed, to read and search trough 10,000 files, you don't have to open 10,000 windows. From the start, all contents are available in ONE window, making things damned fast.

But sometimes we want to keep an eye on one part of the text, while reading through another one. So we need a further window.

one click window creation

To do so, simply RIGHT CLICK somewhere on EMPTY SPACE. Another window is created.

Basically, it is another view onto the same text; everything is just like in the first window or view. This second view tries to CLONE the first, including the current text position, and the word you are currently searching.

closing a window, or leaving the tool

If you have multiple windows, activate the most recent window and then press ESCAPE once to close it.

If you have just one window left, ESCAPE will exit dview.

If you have multiple windows, but NOT the most recent one active, pressing ESCAPE will do nothing - unless you press SHIFT+ESCAPE which always forces Depeche View to exit, no matter how many windows are open.

one click opposite view activation

So now you have two views. And things are different: if you right click AGAIN into blank space ... no, it it will no longer create another window, but simply ACTIVATE the OTHER ("nearby") view.

The philosophy behind that is:

"a right click SENDS something into a NEARBY view."

We didn't send much of interest yet, but that will change.

one click own window activation

I forgot to mention, LEFT CLICK into BLANK SPACE always activates the window right under the mouse cursor. But that's probably too obvious, any application does that.

one click window middle resize

Depeche View comes with a fixed-window concept: sizes and positions are predefined, to keep you from time-wasting border dragging. But there are some ways to change the relative window sizes:

If you click near the RIGHT border of the LEFT view, or the LEFT border of the RIGHT view, you will not just activate the window, but resize it one step:

-> the right view is slightly expanded. -> the left view is slightly shrunk.

If you click again near the border, sizes are reset.

shift click nearby search

Activate the LEFT view (by left click into blank space). Walk through the text. If you see a word that you like to search in the OTHER (the right-side) view,

To repeat above philosophy:

"RIGHT click on a word SENDS it into a NEARBY view."

shift click nearby phrase search

Some pages ago, we searched a multi-word phrase like in

long nResult = FooController::currentBar("Lemon");

within the current view. Now do this with the RIGHT button:

As you see, the full phrase "FooController::currentBar" is searched within the nearby view.

full screen toggling

Click on "<>" in the right top or press F1 to toggle between "full screen" and normal-size display of the current view. It is F1 because this key is easiest to reach, and you will use this function PERMANENTLY. Searching through much text is a permanent change between comparing multiple parts and then reading (full-sized) through a single part.

As you see, "full screen" does not literally cover the whole screen, but always keeps a bit of space near the desktop borders - to allow easy, instant access to all other application windows around.

swapping view contents

   -  cycle the contents of multiple views left,
      or up in case of horizontal tiling.

Press CONTROL+CURSOR RIGHT, or CONTROL+CURSOR DOWN to: - cycle the contents of multiple views right, or down in case of horizontal tiling.

extended views creation

To create a third or even more windows, click on
Depeche View Lite can show up to three windows.

The term NEARBY VIEW now gets a new meaning: in general, it is the view to the RIGHT, but if you're already in the rightmost view, it wraps around, and nearby then means the leftmost view (within the same vertical position).

instant view rearrangement

Imagine you have 3, 4 or even 6 views open, some of then in fullscreen, and after some while, it's one whole mess of ... nevermind, just do this:

horizontal tiling

Click on "=" or press F2 to toggle horizontal tiling.

NOTE: horizontal tiling mode has some restrictions:

Next chapter: Bookmark Basics.