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Swiss File Knife

a command line
multi function tool.

remove tabs
list dir sizes
find text
filter lines
find in path
collect text
instant ftp or
http server
file transfer
send text
patch text
patch binary
run own cmd
convert crlf
dup file find
md5 lists
fromto clip
split files
list latest
compare dirs
save typing
trace http
echo colors
head & tail
find classes
dep. listing
speed shell
zip search
zip dir list

Depeche View
Source Research
First Steps

using vm linux

windows GUI

the d3caster
java game engine

command line
file encryption

free external tools,
zero install effort,
usb stick compliant:

zip and unzip
diff and merge
reformat xml
reformat source

java sources

thread creation

cpp sources

log tracing
mem tracing
using printf


stat. c array
stat. java array
var. c array
var. java array
view all text
as you type
surf over text
find by click
quick copy
multi view
find nearby
find by path
location jump
skip accents
clip match
filter lines
edit text
load filter
hotkey list
receive text
send in C++
send in Java
smooth scroll
touch scroll
fly wxWidgets
fly over Qt
search Java

back Welcome to the
d3caster Game Engine

battle bot approaching

A free Java Doom-like game engine, providing 3-D gaming
with high color and sound on every browser.


  • Click here for an instant play of a demo game,
    which was made with the engine.
  • Download the full distribution here (2.3 MBytes).
    The current version is 1.1 (-> change history).
    This is a development kit, containing
    - classes and source code (GNU GPL license)
    - the demo game with graphics, sound and music
    - tools for development (free image converter)
    - documentation
  • Find here for the full online version of Art Attack,
    featuring nicknames and area heroes lists.
  • Further online articles, an addition to the package docs:
    Programming Transparent Images
    Fast Image Loading techniques
    Fast And Compatible Sound Loading

d3caster's 3-D graphics part is based on the Open Source
"Java Maze" by Jonathan Thomas (
It includes JOrbis from JCraft, support classes for the
great and free sound compression format Ogg Vorbis.

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