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Do you have to cope with hard-to-read source code? One colleague is using 3 spaces per tab, the other 4, and a totally different bracket style... if you have to read through a larger portion of source and like to have it purified first, try Artistic Style.
  • download Artistic Style from here.
  • extract the Windows .zip file (there is also a Linux version)
  • copy astyle.exe somewhere into your PATH.
now say
   astyle -h
for detailed instructions. for example,
   astyle --style=ansi test1.cpp test2.cpp test3.cpp
will reformat the listed files; be aware that they're overwritten, so you better make a backup before.

how to reformat many source files in one command

using the free swiss file knife, you can reformat many source files in one go like this:

   sfk run "astyle --style=ansi <$file 2>nul" -to \out\$file . .java -yes

which reformats all .java files in the current directory tree. the "2>nul" is required to get rid of all stderr output, as astyle writes its version info to that stream. example command output:

   written: \out\actual\
   written: \out\actual\
   written: \out\actual\
   written: \out\actual\
   written: \out\actual\
   written: \out\actual\
   written: \out\alternative\
   written: \out\alternative\
   written: \out\alternative\
   written: \out\alternative\
   written: \out\alternative\
   written: \out\alternative\

to view the resulting files instantly, type

   dview \out

which loads and displays all files from directory tree "\out" in depeche view:

click to enlarge

further reading: how to reformat xml files