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Swiss File Knife

a command line
multi function tool.

remove tabs
list dir sizes
find text
filter lines
find in path
collect text
instant ftp or
http server
file transfer
send text
patch text
patch binary
run own cmd
convert crlf
dup file find
md5 lists
fromto clip
split files
list latest
compare dirs
save typing
trace http
echo colors
head & tail
find classes
dep. listing
speed shell
zip search
zip dir list

Depeche View
Source Research
First Steps

using vm linux

windows GUI

the d3caster
java game engine

command line
file encryption

free external tools,
zero install effort,
usb stick compliant:

zip and unzip
diff and merge
reformat xml
reformat source

java sources

thread creation

cpp sources

log tracing
mem tracing
using printf


stat. c array
stat. java array
var. c array
var. java array
view all text
as you type
surf over text
find by click
quick copy
multi view
find nearby
find by path
location jump
skip accents
clip match
filter lines
edit text
load filter
hotkey list
receive text
send in C++
send in Java
smooth scroll
touch scroll
fly wxWidgets
fly over Qt
search Java

Swiss File Knife most recent changes

SFK The Book - Discover Cool Functions.

fix: simple expressions: crash when using many [ortext] in the same search pattern.

- chg: name: no longer searches in meta data by default, e.g. sfk name 1234 no longer produces unexpected results because their filesize is 1234.

- add: name: option -withmeta and -meta to also search in meta data of index.

- add: name: -spat support.

- add: sfk fileserv, alias of sfk sftserv.

- add: sfk ... +put, alias of +sft ... cput.

- add: sfk ... +putall, alias of +sft ... mput.

- fix: rand: first value per process start contained very few random

- add: rand: now supports larger values, hex output, and setting a seed

- add: treesize: option -gb[yte] to list all sizes in gigabytes.

- add: ping: option -time to display reply time when pinging a single host

- doc: ping: info on graphical ping output

Revision 2:

- rel: 16.02.2019, Major Update

- sum: Improved office file text search with options to produce UTF-8 output.

- fix: .xlsx content loading showed wrong output text in some cases.

- add: ofind, oload, ofilter: option -utfout to keep UTF-8 encoding on output text.

- add: ofind: option -utfin to allow use of UTF-8 encoded search terms with -utfout.

- add: oload: option -raw to show xml content.

- chg: oload, ofilter: no longer shows zip file comment. Initial Release:

- rel: 10.02.2019, Major Update

- sum: SFK can now search and load office file text contents, in Open Office format files like .docx .xlsx .ods .odt. Search functions now search only in text files by default.

- CHG: Syntax Change: xfind now only searches in plain text files, but not in binaries. use xfindbin to search also binary files.

- CHG: Syntax Change: find now only searches in plain text files, but not in binaries. use findbin to search also binary files.

- add: ofind, search text in office files like .docx .xlsx .ods .odt and plain text files.

- add: ofilter, filter text of an office file.

- add: oload, load text of an office file for display or further processing.

- add: sfk help office, for details about supported office file extensions.

- add: sfk alias, mkcd: support for SFK_PATH environment variable, to write batch files only into this folder.

- chg: sfk getdv: now also suggests to save to SFK_PATH if given.

- add: echo: option -stream for best output transfer to setvar or xed.

- dep: xtext is deprecated (redundant to xfind)

- dep: ftext is deprecated (redundant to find)

- fix: zipto: crash on sub folder names containing accent characters, especially on select ... +zipto.

- chg: sfk data: max content per symbol is now 8 kbytes instead of 1.

- fix: xed: sfk ... +xed without any patterns created unwanted color output.

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