SFKTray: The Swiss File Knife Status Display.



A small utility that provides several independent status lights
  • in the system tray area, as one combined icon
  • and as a normal window for larger display
which can be changed via network by the free SFK command line tool for Windows,
Linux and Mac OS/X, like
sfk status local "slot=1 color=green text='service .200 ready'"
sfk status "slot=2 color=yellow text='service pending'"
sfk status .201 "slot=3 color=green text='upload done'"
to easily flag status infos from batch files running on the own or a different machine.

Download the SFKTray Free Edition here. It is Freeware and allows to display four independent status lights (slot=1 to slot=4).

Then download the Free SFK Base for any computer you are using (Windows, Linux, Mac) and type "sfk status" for detailed examples.

Or download the SFK .zip package with everything in one file:

  • the SFKTray Free Installer.
  • all SFK Binaries for Windows, Linux i686/ARM, Mac OS/X.
  • the SFK source code for self compile on any platform.
To use up to 9 status lights, purchase SFKTray Full. Please purchase only if you tested SFKTray Free Edition successfully on any computer where you want to use the full edition.

Licensing details:

  • You are allowed to use SFKTray Full on up to five computers used by yourself.
  • After purchase you get one year of free updates. Please note that after this period no further downloads are possible, so keep a backup of the installer.

  SFKTray Full

Number of licenses

On any problems while ordering, please email to: