100 Command Line Tools For Windows,
Linux and Mac OS/X

The Swiss File Knife Book.

Fully revised 2018 edition.

368 pages paperback for $19.95
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How to transfer files between computers by an instant web or ftp server, find and replace text in files, run a command on all files of a folder, show directory tree sizes, list biggest or newest files, list different files between two folders, copy a folder selecting or excluding sub folders and file names, find filenames fast across the whole drive, rename files by easy patterns, find duplicate files, split large files, convert line endings, remove tab characters from text, convert csv to tab separated text, sort and count text lines, create checksums and more.

All made possible by the Swiss File Knife (SFK), a free open source tool with all these functions in a single binary that runs instantly, anywhere. No installation or dependencies, it can be used directly on any computer with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Intel or ARM based Linux and Mac OS/X after a short download.

The book contains:
- an introduction how to get SFK running quickly on Windows,
Linux or Mac OS/X.
- a 70 pages tutorial introducing the most popular functions.
- a 270 pages reference part with the full syntax of all functions
with many examples.
- a 7 page alphabetical index.

You may view a Demo PDF here, showing the first 20 pages.

Please note: the Amazon page preview shows underlined text within Contents. this is caused by the Amazon preview system, there is no underlined text in the printed book.

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