How to create AI images on your own old PC

with just a 4 gb graphics card!

AI generated image of 22 year old woman, room, landscape

In 2022, AI image creation was for expensive PC's only, but things changed.

I have a 10 year old PC and upgraded it with a $200 graphics card (Palit GTX 1650). And yes, it can render AI images like the one above! I have a 10 year old PC, with a power supply with only 6-pin connectors. That limits me to a handful of possible cards. I chose a $200 graphics card, a Palit GTX 1650, which is silent during desktop use, and still nearly silent when rendering. And it can render AI images like the one above!

Stable Diffusion WebUI setup, step by step

You are reading in mobile mode. On a desktop browser, instructions will be more detailed.

Choosing the right SD model

By default, Stable Diffusion WebUI uses a 4 gb file named v1-5-pruned-emaonly.ckpt, containing training data for image generation.

But the best model file in my opinion is Deliberate, available on civitai. So do these steps:

That's it. You can continue writing prompts as before, but now the improved image data of the new model is used.

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Useful tools

iView is a free lightweight image viewer optimized to walk through generated images. You can quickly sort out images into three different target folders, and press F3 to view the contained prompt text of an image.