Easy Image Viewer

View and sort images of a folder instantly.


  • loads all JPEG/PNG images from a folder, including sub folders.
  • sorts by modification date, showing newest image first.
  • two hand use: press A or Cursor Left for previous image, press D or Cursor Right for next image.
  • press 1 or Space to jump to a random image. Continue there by Cursor Left/Right sequentially.
  • press Ctrl+Left to jump to the last place before jumping to a random image.
  • press keys '7', '8' or '9' to move the shown image file to output folders created within the image folder.
  • press keys 'v', 'b' or 'n' to add the image filename to a plain text list file within the image folder.
  • press F3 to show PNG embedded text, like the prompt text of a rendered AI image.
  • fullscreen only display, near-zero UI. F3 shows some basic image infos, and PNG embedded text, if present:

  • Fully portable, no installation. No admin rights, no 3rd party junk. Just download and use in a second.
  • best used from the Windows command line.

Use cases

  • go through endless created AI images, with the most recent rendered one shown first.
  • identify the good images, and sort them out immediately to a separate folder, by a key press.
  • read the prompt text of an image by F3.
  • go through huge image collections, like a 20,000 picture archive of holiday snapshots. jump to a random epoch by key Space or '1'. continue in that time area (e.g. a holiday 20 years ago) sequentially by cursor left/right.

Why another image viewer?

I wrote iView for myself, as I was fed up with the (meanwhile) totally hypercomplex and unusable JpegView, which I used many years ago. I found it can no longer do what I need, at least not without hour-long studies of documentation and config files.

Most image viewers come with a cumbersome installation, requiring dot-net runtimes and other stuff, for their thousand features which I don't need.

Download here from StahlWorks.com:

  • a lightweight executable (1.3 mb)
  • fully portable, zero installation
  • no 3rd party software, adware or other junk.

A PAD file for software download sites is available here.