print the current date and time with sfk time, or run a clock showing absolute and relative time permanently with sfk clock for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk time [options] [format]
sfk clock

prints the current date and time, or shows
a clock with absolute and relative time.

   Y = year
   M = month
   D = day
   h = hour
   m = minute
   s = second
   any other char is passed through.
   default format is YMDhms.

   -nice     print format Y-M-D h:m:s
   -spat     support slash patterns \t etc.
   -from n   print unix timestamp n as human readable time.

chaining support
   cannot use chain input data.

see also
   sfk unixtime   prints the unix timestamp
   sfk sleep      delay execution for some time

web reference

   sfk time -spat "Y-M-D\th:m:s" +filt -tabform "$col2 $col1"
      prints 2011-06-16 06:17:31 to terminal,
      with a tab character between date and time,
      post processing the output by sfk filter.
   sfk clock
      permanently show absolute and relative time.