create random float text or CSV data for testing with sfk data for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk data [options] col "$namecom,$stradr,$city" [numrec]

create numrec records of random text
to produce synthetic test or example data.

formal syntax
  sfk data format template [numrec]

supported template formats
  col[umns]  a list of data columns, with each column
             content type prefixed by $.
  text       create a text, keeping commas as is

template format details
  col  format:
  - column types must be prefixed by $
  - columns are separated by comma on input
    which is replaced by TAB character on output
  text format:
  - symbols must be prefixed by $
  - comma "," is kept within text as is

predefined column types
  nameper    name of a person
  namecom    name of a company
  stradr     street address
  city       city name
  statecode  two character string
  zip        five digit string
  person     person address record
  company    company address record
  date       $year$month$day
  time       $hour$minute$second
  timemin    $hour$minute
  dig        single digit

  -makedb db.txt  export database to out.txt for editing
  -from   db.txt  load phrase database from db.txt
  -seed   n       set random seed to a fixed value

quoted multi line parameters are supported in scripts
   using full trim. type "sfk script" for details.

chaining support
   cannot use chain input data.

web reference

  sfk data col "$namecom,$stradr,$city $statecode $zip" 20
    create 20 records with random company data

  sfk data col "$company" 20 +tabtocsv -quoteall
    same as above, but using the predefined company type
    and with comma separated fully quoted output

  sfk label begin
   +data col "$namecom,$stradr,$city" 20
    +filter -stabform "
      \x20  <name>$col1</name>\n
      \x20  <street>$col2</street>\n
      \x20  <city>$col3</city>\n
    produce xml data in an sfk script. the \x20 keeps
    initial spaces in the line.

  sfk data text "$news"
  sfk data "$news"
    create a california business news text