Change Linux style LF line endings to Windows style CRLF on the command line with the free Swiss File Knife for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk lf-to-crlf [options] dir .ext1 .ext2 [-to outmask]

convert just-lf (unix) text format to cr+lf (dos/windows).

if only a single filename, or list of filenames, is given
then these are converted immediately.

if a directory parameter is given then the command runs
in simulation mode, requiring option -yes to convert.

   -forceend    if a file is changed and rewritten then
                also add a line ending at the last line
                even if there was none in the input file.
   -writeall    rewrite all files no matter if changed

   sfk addcr    same as sfk lf-to-crlf

see also
   sfk remcr    convert crlf to just lf
   sfk listle   list line end infos for files

web reference

   sfk addcr src .cpp .hpp
      add crlf on all .cpp and .hpp files within src.

   sfk select -dir doc -file .txt +addcr -to tmp\$file
      add crlf on all .txt files within doc, saving to tmp.