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At The Battlefield
At The Battlefield, 1024x768 desktop
1024x768  1600x1200
Art Attack is a full-scale 3-D action game in pure Java. It does not require a hardware 3-D accelerator card, no exotic plugins or libraries, and no installation efforts. Art Attack simply runs everywhere, instantly, at anytime - just like Java was designed for.
Ambush Area
Ambush area, with concrete grass tubs and surreal wall image
1024x768  1600x1200
This game features dynamic light effects, like rocket trails, explosions and their flashes. Within battle, you see the rockets approach by looking at the ceiling. When an alien robot is hit, the whole area is flooded with light - awesome impressions which were never before available in a browser-based game!
At The Riddle
The Riddle area, with a deep space wall impact flash
1024x768  1600x1200
True Color light shading with high-color textures. The powerful d3caster 3-D java gaming engine uses dynamic texture loading, getting the graphics of a new area on demand. This allows the player to start quickly, and to play instantly without long and boring waits (at least via DSL/cable).
The Garden
The Garden area, with dark blue sky, enlightened by impact
1024x768  1600x1200
Cross-Corner View
Ambush area, second snapshot
1024x768  1600x1200
Yes, Java is fast!. No other application like a 3-D software-rendered action game could be a better prove for this. The game was developed on a Pentium III 900 MHz, and even on this old machine, it runs smoothly at about 18 frames per second. Future versions on Pentium IV or AMD Athlon 64 may even run at fullscreen resolutions.
Further snapshots: