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  Please enable Java on your browser.

Please wait a moment. If you see nothing above, enable Java on your browser. Click into the applet to enable keyboard input. If you get an error, you may also try to download and install Mozilla or Firefox, which provide the best Java support. It's also possible that your Windows ran out of ressources, requiring a reboot.
Game keyboard control Press SHIFT to move and turn QUICKLY. Very important when it comes to action! Press CTRL to step sideways, in combination with cursor keys. Important when under attack! Press SPACE to launch a pair of rockets. Press cursor keys to move and turn. Add SHIFT to run, and CTRL to step sideways. Press P for a break, e.g. to adjust volume levels.
To start, click into applet to get focus.
Press ESCAPE to enter nickname
or area access code (starting with "#").
This game requires a medium fast computer, like Pentium III 300 MHz. view map

and heroes