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  A 3-D Browser Action Game  
alien robot
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Small Edition
ideal for slower PC's.
click here to start
Large Edition
AMD 64 or Pentium 4 recommended.
You do not need a 3D graphics card.
pot of flowers
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Practice Range
An simple version
of the game, good
for some practicing.
In Another Surreal Dream...

you find yourself in a strange gallery, full of boring but expensive images. As you try to leave, you notice that the security robots behave somewhat aggressive... and suddenly, you know: this isn't the art that should be shown here, and these bots belong to some kind of tasteless alien force. What a coincidence that you carry a rocket launcher with you, to start your mission... clear all areas, and find your way out!

Further game tips:
Prepare a piece of paper, and a pencil, to write down the precious access codes. Never mix up or forget SHIFT and CTRL, they ARE important within action. SHIFT is not just for running, but also for a quick turn. For precise far shots, do not use SHIFT, instead try several shots with a slight CTRL sidestep. Mind that you can fire just 6 rockets in parallel, and rockets fired into a large area may take long until they hit the far end.
More game snapshots, desktop backgrounds and infos are available here.
You may also write your own 3D Java action game using the free game SDK.