SFK x64 OSE V1.9.7 for Windows

can be downloaded here.

Please Note:

  • this is an experimental binary, without intense testing.
    some commands may not work.
    due to higher stack load scripts can nest calls only up to 7 levels deep.
  • if you find errors, best mail to
    if it can be reproduced easily, with short, simple steps and very small example data, chances are best to have it fixed.
    complex errors that appear only randomly may not be fixed at all.
  • this binary is intended for special cases, like Windows PE, where only 64 bit binaries can be used.
    for general purpose use the 32 bit binaries are recommended.
  • SFK XE and Base+XD will not be made available as 64 bits, as this would require to adapt much more code, and to do far more testing and debugging.