No installation. USB stick portable applications.
Swiss File Knife

a command line
multi function tool.

remove tabs
list dir sizes
find text
filter lines
find in path
collect text
instant ftp or
http server
file transfer
send text
patch text
patch binary
run own cmd
convert crlf
dup file find
md5 lists
fromto clip
split files
list latest
compare dirs
save typing
trace http
echo colors
head & tail
find classes
dep. listing
speed shell
zip search
zip dir list

Depeche View
Source Research
First Steps

using vm linux

windows GUI

the d3caster
java game engine

command line
file encryption

free external tools,
zero install effort,
usb stick compliant:

zip and unzip
diff and merge
reformat xml
reformat source

java sources

thread creation

cpp sources

log tracing
mem tracing
using printf


stat. c array
stat. java array
var. c array
var. java array
view all text
as you type
surf over text
find by click
quick copy
multi view
find nearby
find by path
location jump
skip accents
clip match
filter lines
edit text
load filter
hotkey list
receive text
send in C++
send in Java
smooth scroll
touch scroll
fly wxWidgets
fly over Qt
search Java


The most useful add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. A small list of exensions enabling advanced surfing across all websites. The database of all existing extensions is available here.

SFK The Book - Discover Cool Functions.
Multi LinksDraw rectangles around groups of links to open them all within separate tabs.

 selected image links
snapshot: opening a group of image links by a mouse move.
Browse ImagesList all images directly linked by a page.
 a page with image links
snapshot: a page with thumbnail links to images. one click loads them all.
this extension cannot display links that open another html page,
and so far it does not work well at all under linux.

Save Image In FolderEasily save images in personally customized folders.
Grab and DragScroll through pages without the scrollbar, just by alt+left click on empty space. On first start, select "1- or 2 mouse button", then open the Grab and Drag Preferences, and activate "Reverse Scroll Direction" under "More Options". This way the extension behaves like Depeche View, the world's fastest text search tool: dragging to the button will move the page up.
Flash KillerIf you are annoyed by another flash ad or intro, just click the Flash Killer button.
FirebugAnalyze and debug HTML code.
 listing of document structure
snapshot: exploring the html document structure
GreasemonkeyFor pro users: change the display of any webpage using Javascript.

Download the free Depeche View Lite Text Search Tool