Swiss File Knife 1.9.7 Release Notes

Easy backup script creation.

You can't do backup just by dragging "C:" onto "G:" in the Windows Explorer.
There is no way around to formulate, in text, what should be saved, and what not -
otherwise every backup will take so long you will avoid it immediately.

Create a backup batch file template for Windows or Mac/Linux by commands:

sfk batch backup.bat -full
sfk batch -full
It will produce an example script. Edit this script by Notepad. Search for sfk label cdirs (at the bottom), and change source folders, target folders, sub directory and file filters to the things you need to copy.

But how much will be copied? To find out, type: backup.bat size

And what will be copied? To find out, type: backup.bat copy

This will not copy anything, it just shows a simulation of what will be done, and also checks if all given source folders exist.
Add -yes to really copy the selected files.

Improved FTP/SFT client commands.

Added support for alternate target file names on upload or download. For example:

sfk sft
   put mydir/test1.txt foo.txt

This will send the local file test.txt with a remote name foo.txt. Type the whole command in one line. The example also requires that sfk sftserv -rw is running on target machine .100.

When uploading to Mac/Linux servers, it is now possible to set the executable flag on files. For example:

sfk sft put -setexec=*

This will upload with target name, and will also mark as executable on the server.

The Tilde ~ is now a shortcut for localhost.

For exampe, to send a file to a virtual machine listening on port 3000 on your PC, just type

sfk sft ~3000 put myfile.txt

Mobile friendly web server layout.

If you run the SFK webserver for quick file exchange by

sfk webserv

then connect to that machine by a mobile web browser, you will find that the layout is now better readable, and it's easier to upload a file.

Available (again) for Apple Mac OS/X.

Now there is a real 64-bit Intel i686 binary available for Mac OS/X. Download can be done in the Mac Terminal like

curl -o sfk
chmod +x sfk
then type ./sfk for the main help.

Binaries for Download:

You can get them on SourceForge, or directly here:

SFK for Windows (32/64 bits)
SFK for Windows (64 bits OSE)
SFK for Mac OS/X (64 bits)
SFK for Desktop Linux (64 bits)
SFK for Embedded Linux (32 bits)

On Mac/Linux, rename the binary to just sfk after download.
Then chmod +x sfk to make it executable. Type ./sfk for the main help.

Read more about SFK Highlights - the most important functions.

Find all one hundred SFK functions on the Swiss File Knife homepage: